Vicki B

My brother, sister and I are truly grateful for all your help and knowledge for guiding us through many difficult challenging times in the last year and we are forever grateful. JG Advance Planning assisted us with my mom and dad's final expenses along with helping my mom qualify for VA Pension Benefits Aid & Attendance. This allowed her to stay in the assisted-living because of dad's military service.

Pat O

I've worked with JG Advance Planning over the past 12 years they assisted my mom and dad, myself, and my brothers in our final expenses along with helping mom and dad qualify for VA benefits to keep them home as long as possible. We are forever grateful!

Paul K

My mother had contacted JG Advance Planning regarding VA Pension Benefits Aid Attendance. They assisted us with my mom and dad's funeral arrangements and final expenses along with a financial overview. We realized their assets were not protected from Medicaid so they introduced us to a qualified attorney to establish the proper trust to protect assets. We qualified for the VA benefits and we are able to protect assets from Medicaid!

Lou S

In this past year I was able to properly arrange my assets for my final expenses and I just was recently awarded The VA pension benefit in the amount of $2200 a month tax-free to care for my wife and I at home. JG Advance Planning was great with all of their help and knowledge.

Joe. S.

My wife and I met with JG Advance Planning. They helped us review our current insurance policies and help us understand the cash value was an attachable asset in the event of Medicaid we were able to transfer the cash value to funeral trust policy to protect it, and without attorney fees.